Building and developing

Resources and support material for customers within our region. Choose from the options below to view information tailored to your needs.


Domestic or small commercial properties

I’m building, extending, renovating or converting properties for domestic or commercial use.

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Developing a large site

I’m developing an industrial site or a large residential/commercial site (more than 10 properties).

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Self-lay providers

I'm laying mains and/or service connections for a developer.

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Inset enquiries

I need more information about providing water and/or waste water services as part of an inset agreement.

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Working in the street

If you’re a ‘qualifying authority’ building a new road or working in an existing one, here’s what you need to know about working near our pipes.

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News and Improvements

Find out what's happening in Developer Services. We're working to improve our services to you, in line with Water UK’s standards.

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