Apply for mains design

When getting new water pipes, we want you to choose the installer that best suits your site needs and timescales. This might not be us - independent 'self-lay providers' (SLPs) may be able to fit in better with your construction programme, and might also offer the installation of multiple utilities. SLPs receive exactly the same service from us as all other jobs, and they're accredited to all the standards required for us to adopt the pipework at completion.

You can find SLPs to contact for competitive quotes on the Lloyd's Register website at For more information on the processes involved, use the link below to browse information we provide for self-lay providers.  

Self-lay providers

If you are an 'inset company' (an organisation with a licence variation to supply water within our network), again we would be pleased to work with you to make your development a success – use the link below to find out more.

Inset companies

New main or service connections

If your development includes building new roads, or there's no existing distribution main outside your site to connect to, you’ll need to apply for a new water main and new water connections.

Apply for new mains or service connections


When you're re-developing a site, you may want to permanently disconnect an existing water supply.


Important note: If you need to upgrade your water supply and disconnect the existing supply, please complete the

New or replacement water connection online form

Diversions and abandonments

As part of your development, we may need to divert or abandon an existing water main.

Diversions and abandonments

Water for building work

To find out what you need to do and how to apply and pay for your water used in building your development.

Water for building work