Diverting a water main, fire hydrant or district meter pillar

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Diverting a water main

If there are water mains on your site, you may need to divert them out of the way before you start your development.

You can choose who does the diversion, selecting the provider that will best suit your needs and timescales. That might not be us – independent ‘self-lay providers’ (SLPs) may be able to fit in better with your construction programme, and can also lay any new mains and service connections needed. SLPs receive the same service from us as all our other jobs and are accredited to all the required standards. You can find SLPs to contact for competitive quotes on the Lloyd's Register website at lr.org/wirs.

If you decide to ask us to divert the main, we’ll do this, if practicable, on a chargeable basis under Section 185 of the Water Industry Act 1991. If you’re redeveloping a site and no longer require the existing main, you can apply to have this main abandoned.

Please click apply below to apply to divert or abandon a water main.


Fire hydrants

You might also be planning work that requires relocating a fire hydrant. These are designated for sole use by the regional fire authority, but maintained by us on their behalf.

If you’d like an estimate of the cost of relocating the hydrant, we’ll need:

  • A location plan of the pillar
  • Plans of the proposed highway works or new development, to give us an indication of where the hydrant could be relocated

We’ll then carry out a survey and send you an estimate for the work required.

Please use the application form above if you also need to relocate a fire hydrant.

District meter pillars

District meters measure the flow of water into an area. Our district meter pillars contain an above-ground aerial mast linked to underground monitoring equipment, which is connected directly to a water main.

As with fire hydrants, if you need this apparatus relocating, we’ll need a location plan of the pillar and plans of the proposed works or development.

We’ll then carry out a survey and send you an estimate for the work required.

For more information, or an estimate for relocating a district meter, please contact us, preferably by email.

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