What happens next?

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Setting up meters

Whether the meters for your development are fitted externally or internally, we’ll need to record the serial number and reading for each one.

We’ll enter this information on our database, so we can verify that the meter location also matches the postal address allocated by Royal Mail. When this check is successful, we enter the details into our billing system and set up an account for each meter.

For non-household properties, we'll notify the Market Operator of the connection date and meter details. They'll in turn notify the appointed retailer, who'll contact you about billing until the property transfers to the new occupier. More information can be found in our News and Improvements section.

As a temporary measure, while the property is empty, the name on the account will be the name of the developer. We write to each address to determine who the new occupier is and then update the account.

External meters

We fit external meters when we install the water supply pipes. We also record the meter details at the same time, and then enter these on our database.

Internal meters

We deliver internal meters to your site when you’re ready to install them. We’ll visit the site afterwards to record the meter details and enter these on our database.