Planning your development

We’re here to help at every stage of your development. Choose from the sections below to find information relevant to your project.


Using a self-lay provider

Independent self-lay providers could offer cost-effective terms and fit in better with your construction programme, and might also be able to install multiple utilities.

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Where our pipes are

We’ve put together the information you need to help you through the pre-planning phase of your development. Check on a map that your development is within the area we supply.

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Working near our pipes

Find out what you’ll need to do if any of your works are planned above or near our pipes or other assets.

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Water and wastewater capacity

If you’re considering a new development site, a pre-planning enquiry can help you find out if network capacity exists and avoid delays later in the process.

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Budget estimates

Find out how to get a budget estimate for any new pipework you need laid to serve your development.

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Water for building work

Before starting construction, you’ll need an approved meter fitted to your building water supply – or you could be charged 0.17 percent of your contract value.

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