Water and wastewater capacity

Pre-planning enquiries

If you’re a developer or land promoter considering a new site for development, we can help even before you apply for planning permission. The earlier we start talking, the better.

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Our pre-planning service can tell you at an early stage if we’ll have capacity in our water and/or wastewater networks to serve a potential development, or what we’ll do if we don’t.

You can use this as evidence to support a planning application and we can prepare to serve the new development at the point of need, helping avoid delays to your programme.

How to apply

  • Check your site is within the area we cover.
  • Complete our application form
  • There’s nothing to pay
  • We’ll get back to you with an answer and any next steps within 21 calendar days.

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The key benefits

  • Fast answers: Within three weeks we’ll confirm whether we have network capacity, or the next steps if we don’t.
  • Avoid delays: If we don’t have capacity, we’ll discuss timelines with you and a plan of action.
  • Planning evidence: We’ll issue a letter you can use to support your planning application.
  • Key contact: We’ll provide a named contact for your enquiry and their direct telephone number.
  • No charges: Our pre-planning enquiry service is free and you won’t pay for any network modelling or network reinforcement needed.