Using a self-lay provider

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Find your best fit

When arranging supplies for your site or new property, we want you to choose the installer that best suits your needs and timescales. This might not be us – independent ‘self-lay providers’ (SLPs) could be able to offer cost-effective terms and fit in better with your construction programme, and might also offer the installation of multiple utilities.

SLPs receive the same service from us as all other jobs, and they’re accredited to all the standards required for us to adopt the pipework at completion.

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What matters to you

Self-lay providers can potentially complete your water connections:

  • with greater flexibility to coordinate with your construction programme
  • providing you with a single point of contact
  • as part of a multi-utility contract, where they also lay gas, power and/or telecommunications
  • in a more responsive and more cost-effective way


Committed to quality

Self-lay providers are accredited to the Water Industry Regulation Scheme, administered by Lloyd’s Register on behalf of the water industry in England and Wales.

This means they:

  • have demonstrated they can carry out the water connection work to the same technical, quality and safety standards that we would
  • give you the same end result as if we did the entire job, as we adopt the new mains and/or service connections afterwards
  • are subject to regular reviews and site visits by Lloyd’s Register to check the ongoing quality of their work


Working in partnership

We want to promote competition because it keeps all providers – including us – on their toes, and striving to improve the service they offer you.

Self-lay providers support us in delivering connections for the substantial development activity across our region. By doing so, they help promote one of our key aims: to enable growth.

You can choose the installer that best fits your timescales, avoiding delays in your project plans.

We’re legally required to provide connections ‘at cost’ and therefore don’t make a profit from this – so our key concern is that you get the service that suits your requirements.

We meet regularly with SLPs at our self-lay forums to seek feedback and learn how we can improve our partnership with them to deliver you the best choice and service.

We have a dedicated team who liaise with SLPs to make sure self-lay jobs receive the same level of service as other work.

We assess how we perform in supporting self-lay providers against a range of measures. These are compared against other water companies and published on a quarterly basis by Water UK.


Types of work a self-lay provider can do for you

Most activities related to installing or diverting water mains and making service connections are known as ‘contestable’, which means they can be done either by a self-lay provider or by us.

Some work, however, is classified as ‘non-contestable’ and can only be completed by us. This includes approving design work, connecting services to our supply network, and activities which affect existing customers.


Finding a self-lay provider

The self-lay approach is already well established in other parts of the UK. There are now many self-lay providers active in the South-East and the number is growing.

You can find SLPs to contact for competitive quotes on the Lloyd's Register website at Please note, this is a national list, from which you can select providers who are active in our region.