Getting you connected

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This page sets out the process you take to get your wastewater connection approved.

Connecting to a public sewer

You can submit your application online.

Apply now

In addition to contact information, you'll need to provide a site location plan indicating:

  • Type of connection (surface water, foul water or combined)
  • Location of the connection (separate points should be labelled individually)
  • Size of the proposed connection
  • Size of the sewer
  • Level of connection (interpolated)
  • Method of connection (e.g. manhole or junction)
  • Type of sewer you're laying (e.g. clayware)
  • Details of planning conditions (if applicable)

You'll also need to provide credit or debit card details, in order to pay the required deposit and charges.

We’ll assess your application and reply within 21 calendar days. We’ll request further information if we can’t consent to your application at this time, and work with you to agree a connection method.

We'll call you and send a letter to confirm consent. You may then carry out the agreed works.

If you're connecting to a sewer that's on someone else's land, our consent doesn’t give you permission to enter their land. You'll need to seek this from the land owner.

If you’ve connected directly to a public sewer, we'll need to inspect your works. The point of connection will need to be exposed in preparation for the inspection. If you’re connecting to a privately-owned sewer we will not need to inspect.

Please contact us to arrange an inspection, allowing at least a week notice before your planned connection date.

We'll carry out an inspection of the works and, if necessary, tell you any corrective actions you might need to carry out.

Upon passing the connection inspection, we'll issue a completion certificate.

For details on how we’ll use the information you provide in your application, click here.