New water main

If there's no water main near your property for us to connect to, you'll need a new water main as well as new water connections. Please note that this work can also be carried out by self-lay providers.

Due to the time we need to process applications, we can only guarantee issuing quotes under our 2019/20 charging arrangements for new mains by 19 February 2020. In each case, the application must be complete and require no further information.

We can’t guarantee that any applications submitted after this date will be issued under our 2019/20 charging arrangements.

If you’ve not begun work and feel that our 2020/21 charging arrangements are more favourable to your scheme, you can request a requote after 31 March 2020. Please note that a requote fee will be applicable. For more information, see our New connection charging section.

Before you apply

Before applying for a new water main, find all the advice you need here, and contact us for a budget estimate. Get help and advice

Getting you connected

Find out the steps involved in connecting a new water main, what you need to do and how long it will take. Step-by-step guide

Submit your application

Submit an application for a new water main and service connections.

New water supply application form

Make a payment

If you've got a quote, pay online now or discover other ways to pay. Make a payment