Before you apply

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You can ask us to do the work by applying below. Alternatively you can employ an independent specialist contractor (known as a self-lay provider) to carry out the new main and service connections. Find out about self-lay

Have you received planning permission?

If you haven’t yet received planning permission we can provide a budget estimate for installing the new mains and services.

Click on the link to complete our enquiry form, including ‘Budget Estimate Request’ at the top of the message.

Apply for a budget estimate

What you’ll need to tell us

We’ll need the following in order to understand your site’s requirements:

  • A full soil report with chemical analysis
  • Details of any environmental issues
  • Details of any sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
  • A site layout plan indicating plot numbers and their entry points for the new supplies. The plan should be an autoCAD drawing in ‘dwg’ format.
  • A phasing or build programme for the development, or occupancy rate.