Before you apply

All water used during your building work needs to be paid for. We believe the fairest way is to use a water meter so you only pay for the water you actually use.

What do you need?

It's important for you to tell us about your work before it begins. The method of payment depends on your current circumstances:

You'll need to apply for a new supply. We'll fit a meter to the supply as standard, to measure how much water is used.

Visit our new or replacement water connection section for everything you need to know about getting connected.

If it's a household supply, you just need to call us on 0800 980 8800 to either set up an account or update your existing account.

If it's a non-household supply, please contact your retailer.

To get you started, we need to fit an approved meter to your water supply, then inform the Market Operator. You'll need to appoint a retailer before we install ther meter. More information can be found in our News and Improvements section. It's important that this is done before you start work.

Complete the short online form and we’ll arrange to fit a meter.

Apply to use an existing water supply

This means we’ve had no opportunity to fit an approved meter for you, or take a reading from an existing meter before your work started. Without a meter reading at the start, we have no way of knowing the amount of water already used and will have to base the water charges on the contract value of the build.

  • If the contract value is below £100,000 then the property will remain on the current domestic rate of water charges that you already pay. You don’t need to do anything differently.
  • If the contract value is over £100,000 then the charge is 0.17 per cent of contract value plus VAT. 

The basis of charging has been authorised by Ofwat and can be found here:

Charges Schedule 2017/18

Sometimes we need to ask for evidence to show the contract value, but for now we just need the details requested on this short online form:

Apply to use an existing water supply

Already applied?

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If you’re looking for an update on your application, please call us on 0800 009 3921.