How to get a quote for a water connection

Below you’ll find information on the water connection process.

You should only apply for a quote if you want to proceed with the work, and intend to pay within the next 180 calendar days (when the quote expires). You’ll also need to be ready to pay the upfront fees.

If you’d like an estimate without applying, see 'Estimating the cost of your new connection' below.

Due to the time we need to process applications, we can only guarantee issuing quotes under our 2019/20 charging arrangements for new water connections by 4 March 2020. In each case, the application must be complete and require no further information.

We can’t guarantee that any applications submitted after this date will be issued under our 2019/20 charging arrangements.

If you’ve not begun work and feel that our 2020/21 charging arrangements are more favourable to your scheme, you can request a requote after 31 March 2020. Please note that a requote fee will be applicable. For more information, see our New connection charging section.

Apply now

You have a choice of provider, and could ask an independent specialist contractor known as a self-lay provider to carry out this work instead.

When you apply you will be charged and upfront fee, this fee covers our initial costs including administering and preparing your quote, and finalising the technical solution required. They’re non-refundable, but will be deducted (excluding VAT) from the total balance due when you accept your quote.

Make sure you have the following information before you start the application process:

  • Name and contact details for the quote and invoice
  • Details of any existing water supply you’ll use for building purposes
  • The flow rate of any pumps or boosters
  • Debit or credit card details to pay the upfront fees (we don’t accept American Express)
  • The address of the site where you need the work
  • The number of connections you need, and what they’ll be used for
  • A drawing showing the ideal point of connection on the boundary line - this must be free of obstructions like trees, bus stops and above- or below-ground utility boxes
  • The number of different water fittings (e.g. taps, toilets, showers, appliances)

The form should take you about 45 minutes to complete. After you apply and pay the upfront fees, we’ll send you a quote within 14 calendar days.

Please note, you won’t be able to save the form, so make sure you have enough time to complete everything, and have all the information you need to hand. There are notes throughout the form to guide you.

For details on how we’ll use the information you provide, click here.

You can also apply for a quote using our PDF application form if you’re unable to use the online form.

Our charges for a new water connection cover all the work we need to do to lay pipes from our water main up to the boundary of your property. They also include any activities to ensure safe working in or near a road. You’ll need to install new water pipes on your land for us to connect to, so remember to budget for this separately.

In order to help you assess the potential cost of your connection if we carry out the work for you, we’ve given an idea of the total costs you might pay. These refer only to the cost of making a single connection, either with a 25mm or 32 mm connection (external diameter). This is the pipe diameter for the connection to a typical home.

  • 70 per cent of customers needing water connections of up to five metres in length paid between £1,500 and £2,700.
  • 25 per cent of customers needing water connections of between five and 10 metres in length paid between £2,800 and £4,300.
  • 5 per cent of customers needing water connections over 10 metres in length paid between £4,000 and £5,500.

The illustration below shows a typical example from the 70 per cent of customers who paid between £1,500 and £2,700, as their connection was less than five metres long.

Please note, the above costs (which include VAT) are only for illustrative purposes. They’re based on payments made by customers last year, adjusted to reflect current 2019/20 prices.

There are variables involved, which means we can’t provide an accurate cost without one of our experts designing your connection and providing a quote.

For detailed notes on the connection process, read our getting you connected leaflet.

Summary of how to get connected

We’ll carry out a survey in order to provide an accurate quote, including any traffic management needs. We’ll then provide your quote, usually within 14 to 28 calendar days.

You have 180 days to pay, or you can pay the full quote immediately - online, by phone or by post.

You or your plumber then need to lay the new supply pipe from the internal stop valve to the agreed point of entry.

If you've not used an approved plumber, you'll need to book a Water Regulations inspection by calling us on 0800 009 3921. We'll normally arrange a date and carry out the inspection within seven days of you contacting us.

You’ll need to be present for the inspection, and will need to have left your trench open. The inspection covers the pipework from the property boundary to the inside stop valve. It normally takes at least half an hour, or longer if there’s more than one connection to inspect.

We’ll tell you immediately whether you’ve passed. If you’ve failed, you’ll need to contact us again to arrange another inspection.

All pipes with an internal diameter of 50mm (63mm external diameter) must be chlorinated.

Once you’ve paid the quote in full and passed your inspection, we’ll start planning a connection date. This typically takes up to three months because we often need to get permission before carrying out work in a road or footpath, or on privately-owned land.

The connection itself is likely to take up to four days to complete. Please also note that we'll need the landowner's permission if we need to work on third party land.

Once we've finished, you can turn on the supply. If you're not on site, we'll leave it turned off. We'll then fill in the trench and clear up the road and footpath.

If this is a new supply, we’ll confirm the details and set up your new account. Please note, if you're connecting a non-household property, you'll need to appoint a retailer for the site.