New connection charging

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Our Charging Arrangements for New Connection Services outline what we’ll charge for many of our services from 1 April 2018 onwards.

We’ve also created a handy calculator you can download to help you easily estimate our financial contribution towards new water mains and sewers (the income offset or asset payment).

Our charging arrangements are supported by this assurance statement.

What’s changing and why?

From 1 April 2018 many more of our charges will be fixed and published, rather than provided on application, enabling you to estimate your charges more easily and also making it easier for alternative providers (such as self-lay providers and NAVs) to supply competitive quotes.

We’ve answered some common questions about how the new charging arrangements will work here.

The services and charges affected include new water and wastewater connections, lateral drains, new water mains and sewers, traffic management, income offsets, asset payments and infrastructure charges.

We’re making this change in response to new rules published by our economic regulator, Ofwat, which affect all English water and wastewater companies.

Previous documents

Our December 2017 update outlined our initial proposals, explained how we’d responded to customer feedback and included worked examples and indicative figures.

This was a progression from our August 2017 consultation which explained ways we might implement the changes and sought customers’ views on this.