New connections charging

Last reviewed:

From 1 April 2018, the way we and all other water and wastewater companies charge for new connections will change. Our economic regulator Ofwat has published new rules, which say our charges should reflect:

  • fairness and affordability
  • environmental protection
  • stability and predictability
  • transparency and customer-focused service

The changes will mean that more of our charges will be fixed and published, rather than provided on application, enabling you to estimate your costs without needing to contact us. The services affected include new water connections, lateral drain connections, water mains and sewers (requisitions), traffic management costs, income offsetting and infrastructure charges.

We’ll publish our new charges on 1 February 2018, and you’ll be able to understand what’s changing in more detail then.

In August 2017 we published this document to explain how we might implement the changes and to seek customers’ views on them. The consultation period closed on Friday 1 September 2017, and we are using the feedback we received to help us shape our new charging framework.

You can read more about the changes in our briefing document.