Apply for mains design

Whether you design or we design, our self-lay agreement and guidance helps you to connect properly and get paid for your work. 

If you design

If you want to design for yourself, please read our guidance and complete our form, to apply for a point of connection for your self-laid main.

If we design

If you prefer that we do the design, please apply here:

New mains or service connection

You will receive an offer letter advising you how much we will pay you for doing the work. This is known as the ‘asset payment’ which includes how much the developer needs to pay for the new pipe which we lay up to the development (called the ‘source of water’).

As soon as the Self-Lay Agreement is returned to us we will authorise funding and start planning our part of the work, so the source of water (also known as the spur connection) is ready for your self-laid main.


When you're re-developing a site, you may want to permanently disconnect an existing water supply.


Important note: If you need to upgrade your water supply and disconnect the existing supply, please complete the

New or replacement water connection online form

Diversions and abandonments

As part of your development, we may need to divert or abandon an existing water main.

Diversions and abandonments

Water for building work

To find out what you need to do and how to apply and pay for your water used in building your development.

Water for building work