Apply for a new water main and service connections

Due to the time we need to process applications, we can only guarantee issuing quotes under our 2019/20 charging arrangements for new mains by 19 February 2020 (and new water connections by 4 March 2020). In each case, the application must be complete and require no further information.

We can’t guarantee that any applications submitted after this date will be issued under our 2019/20 charging arrangements.

If you’ve not begun work and feel that our 2020/21 charging arrangements are more favourable to your scheme, you can request a requote after 31 March 2020. Please note that a requote fee will be applicable. For more information, see our New connection charging section.

In order to determine the route of the main and provide a full design and quote, we require the following information when you submit your application form:

  • Whether you require a full quotation including excavation and backfilling or whether your site contractors will do this after we have laid the pipework
  • Whether any of the roads will be adopted by the local authority when completed
  • Whether there are any heating pipes in the service strip
  • Where sites are subject to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994, you are required to forward a Health and Safety plan along with the name of your CDM Co-ordinator and Principal Contractor
  • A completed water fittings table
  • A full soil report with chemical analysis, including site history, adjacent sites, trial pit depths and location plan. If you are unable to provide this, your mains and service design will be in barrier pipe
  • Details of any environmental issues
  • Details of any sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
  • If the main is likely to be routed through third party land, the name and address of the landowner
  • The name and mobile number of the site agent
  • An autoCAD drawing in dwg format, submitted via email to including:
    • Plot numbers / parking numbers
    • Separate layers (plot numbers, parking numbers, trees, roads, proposed entry points to building of services, street furniture)
    • A phasing plan indicating plot numbers and their entry points for the new supplies
    • Proposed drainage systems, SuDS and permeable surfaces
    • Proposed and existing site layout
    • Frame and scale, company logo, version, date and name of designer if possible
    • The site boundary if possible
    • Xrefs sent as separate files
    • Hatches removed (not hidden), no layer '0' or 'Defpoints'.

In order to provide a full design and quote, we require the following information when you submit your application form:

  • A drawing showing the location of the proposed new connection pipework at your property boundary (points of entry)
  • A completed water fittings table
  • Whether an existing building is to be demolished
  • Whether you require a temporary builder's supply to the site
  • Schematics of the hot and cold water systems, how they are distributed within the apartments/flats and the proposed diameter of feed to each domestic unit
  • A full soil report with chemical analysis
  • Details of any environmental issues
  • Details of any sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
  • The size in litres or cubic metres of any proposed storage tank / break tank. If the landlord's supplies are to be fed from the break tank, please advise what each landlord supply is to feed and the number and sizes of meters required
  • Diameter of feed and schematics of any centralised energy centre and the heating system and/or hot water system it supplies, as well as where the supply enters individual units
  • Proposed diameter of the feed from any rainwater harvesting or grey water system
  • Schematics, details of any storage to be used and the recommended flow rate for any fire/sprinkler/mister supply. Please also advise if the fire supply is to be dual fed.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the mains from which the fire supply is being taken is capable of providing your fire-fighting requirements. You will need to request that a Fire Protection company, in accordance with advice from the local Fire Authority, undertakes a flow and pressure test from the nearest available fire hydrant or washout point on the main for that the supply.  The test will establish if the main has the required flow and pressure for your fire protection needs.  A network service technician from Thames Water will need to be present to operate the valves - please call our customer call centre on 0845 820 0800 to arrange this. 

While it is our strategy for all internal meters to be fitted with an AMR radio to enable remote reading, all meters shall still be able to be read visually. Consequently they must be fitted where they can be easily read and accessed for installation, maintenance or exchange, and must conform to Health and Safety requirements. For this reason, we will not allow any apparatus to which we may require access to be fitted in the ceiling void. There must also be no obstruction preventing the meter being read by a customer, meter reader or any other Thames personnel. Therefore the meters that are being provided will need to be fitted within a common area on each floor, or within your plant room. 

You can apply for your new mains and services by completing the Application for new mains and water connections form and sending it to us.

For details on how we’ll use the information you provide in your application, click here.

Water Regulations

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 are legal requirements which set out how plumbing systems and fittings must be installed and maintained.

We advise you to appoint a reputable plumber who’s familiar with the standards required. One way of doing this is to employ a member of an approval scheme, such as the Thames Approved Plumbers Scheme, which checks that plumbers are qualified and have the required knowledge of the Water Regulations. 

If your plumber is a member of an approval scheme, he or she will be able to provide a certificate of compliance. If not, we’ll need to carry out an inspection to make sure the work meets the requirements of the Water Regulations.

You’ll need to ensure, for example, that:  

  • The pipework is 750mm to 1,350mm below ground level 
  • You’ve run the pipework from the boundary to where it enters the building, with both ends of the duct sealed
  • You have an internal stop valve fitted within the property
  • Your pipework matches the size shown on our quote

To arrange a Water Regulations inspection, or if you have further questions about applying and paying for new mains and services, please contact us.