When you're re-developing a site, you may want to disconnect the existing water supply.

What’s a disconnection?

If you no longer require the existing water supply for your new development, we can arrange for it to be disconnected. This would be necessary, for example, if you’re demolishing a property or converting multiple properties.

We’ll remove the point connecting your site to our water main, which is usually within the road. You’ll need your plumber to remove the pipework within your property boundary.

If you’re unsure whether a disconnection is required, please contact us.

Getting you disconnected

In addition to your contact details, you'll need to provide:

  • The address where you’d like the disconnection.
  • Details of the supply you want disconnected.
  • A site location plan.
Apply now

We’ll disconnect for free – but if you ever need the water supply again, you’ll need to pay for it to be installed.

Within five working days of submitting the application, we’ll call you to arrange a ‘mark up’ appointment, to locate the supply and identify any traffic management needs. We aim to attend within 14 calendar days of talking with you.

Once the mark up has been carried out, we'll speak with the local authority and bodies responsible for roads and traffic, such as Transport for London and bus companies.   

If they don't require us to carry out traffic management, we'll disconnect your water within 21 calendar days. However, in many cases the way we work is restricted - for example, by limiting our hours or requesting a road closure, which involves a notice period. This means many disconnections take longer than 21 days. You can find more information here.