Water supply

Find out more about our water supply services and apply online. If you're at the planning stage, please be aware that some local authorities prevent connections on busy roads in the run-up to Christmas. This could delay your connection.


New or replacement water connection

Here’s what you need to know about a new or replacement water connection, including advice on whether this could improve your water pressure or flow.

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New water main

If there’s no water main near your property we may need to install one. Find out all you need to know and apply here.

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Disconnect your water

If you’re building or renovating a property, read more about the processes for disconnecting a domestic or commercial supply.

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Water for building work

If you require water for your building work, find out what you need to tell us, and how we work out the cost.

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If you require a standpipe to provide a temporary supply, you’ll need to apply for a licence and hire a metered standpipe from our service provider.

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